Product Review: Jeans West Maternity Jeans

At about 15 weeks pregnant, I realised I could no longer comfortably fit into my most stretchy jeans. I had long-since put away every single other pair of jeans/pants I owned, because I was simply too bloated to fit them comfortably. But now my trusty ones didn’t work any more either. This was a problem because it was the middle of winter, and I wore them to work and on the weekends. So one weekend I saw that Jeans West had a sale on their maternity range – a 40% off sale!

I went in hoping to get a pair of black jeans and a pair of long shorts for later when the weather warmed up.

Having not bought maternity wear before, I really had no idea what I was doing. The lovely sales assistant simply said to get the ‘over the bump’ designs instead of the ‘under the bump’ ones with the elastic panels in place of the pockets. She assured me they would be much more comfortable.

So I grabbed a pair of black jeans, and a pair of long shorts, and stepped into the change room.

Goodness they were comfortable!

Straight away I could feel there was no pressure on my stomach, which I didn’t really realise was an issue until it was properly gone.

Along the hip line, where non-maternity jeans/shorts have their top seam, is a small elastic band. This can be adjusted to three different tightnesses depending on your individual hip size on the day (which I didn’t even know could change daily until it started happening!). I currently sit on the middle tightness, which I figure is pretty good.

The hip, bum, and legs of these jeans are so very comfortable. Slightly stretchy denim,  good level of skinny without being restrictive through the knee or ankle. In fact they are possibly a bit loose around the lower leg/ankle compared to what I’m used to in skinny jeans – I would have preferred them to be a bit skinnier in the ankle, but that is just my personal look preference. I’m more than willing to forgive this is light of the comfort provided.

The over-the-bump section is simple material in the exact same shade as the rest of the jeans. This is great because it means that if my shirt rides up it isn’t immediately obvious. There is an elastic band at the top, which sits about an inch below my bust line. I do have a long torso though, so it will obviously sit different on different people. This whole section was too big for me until about week 18, so I simply folded it down into a band around my lower tummy. It does show a bit like that under tight tops, but I’m not too fussed. I tried tucking it inside the jeans, but it looked worse that way.

Belly band

Once my tummy was big enough to fill the material section, it was even more comfortable. The elastic band around the top was still a bit loose at 20 weeks, but I assume I will grow to fill it. It isn’t a big deal anyway, you can’t notice that it is loose unless I am wearing a tight top (which I don’t do at school).

The colour hasn’t faded or run in the couple of months I have been wearing them, and they haven’t stretched out of shape at all (even with my changing body).

Overall I would recommend pregnant ladies to buy these jeans if they are looking for comfy, fashionable, good quality black maternity jeans. I’ve essentially lived in them since I bought them!

If you are interested in giving them a go, they are currently $79.99 and you can buy them online here (not an affiliate link in case you’re wondering).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. dawnwairimu says:

    very cute and comfy looking! 😁


    1. Emily says:

      They really are! Such a good investment. We’re going into summer now but I’ll definitely be keeping them for the next (hopefully) pregnancy.


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