Product Review: Love Me Baby “Wrap Me Up” Swaddle


I spoke a little bit about swaddling in a previous blog To the Mum Awake at 3am… but I wanted to talk about the main swaddle product I used with both of my children. When I was pregnant with my first, I worked at a child-care centre, and one of the mums there gave me clothes and other products from her three boys. I didn’t really know what this funny looking swaddle thing was; I had a few other swaddle products and also swaddled with blankets, but those were either pretty complicated to use or he just wiggled out of them. When I decided to give the Love Me Baby “Wrap Me Up” a go, I’m so glad I did!

It’s more of a sleeping bag than a wrap, and it’s as simple as laying baby on it, tucking in their arms and zipping it closed. For a sleep-deprived mum, the single front zip on the wrap was so simple! I had a few other products that had to be tucked in and buttoned and had multiple folds, which was far too complicated in the middle of the night. The zip can also be opened from the bottom, which means you don’t have to take baby completely out of it when changing a nappy; especially good during winter. There is a little folded bit of material up the top to cover the zip too, so you don’t have to worry about it pinching or hurting baby.


With the shape of wrap, babies can have their hands up by their faces, which means they can suck on their fingers and touch their faces whenever they need the comfort. My kids loved to suck their fingers, so this was a really great shape for them to be able to do that.

This is the smaller wrap. It is the same shape and has all the same features as the blue wrap.


I used the wrap as part of our sleep routine, for both of my kids, and noticed it didn’t take as long for them to get settled and they were able to have longer stretches of sleep, which was great for me too. When the kids were babies, they would startle themselves awake, and my second used to more frequently. When I put her in this wrap, I noticed she wasn’t able to startle enough to wake herself. If she did manage to wake up though, it didn’t take long for her to settle back down to sleep, and I rarely needed to soothe her.

One thing I did notice, more so with my second, is when she would stretch her arms the wrap would stretch over her face. It always came back down, but obviously was still a little concerning to watch. As this was a second-hand product when I received it, and was a few years older again when my second came along, I am assuming it had stretched and was probably ready to be replaced (my second didn’t last long in these, because she grew so quickly). Also there is a little pocket on the back which I still have no idea what it would be for. It might be there to check the back of a nappy, but if baby is in clothes under the wrap, it seems a little pointless.

Mysterious back pocket.

Overall, I think the Love Me Baby “Wrap Me Baby” was definitely worth using. I really believe the swaddle wraps helped in the sleep routine of both of my children. If we were to have another baby, I would definitely buy some more and use them again.

What kind of swaddle products have you had success with?

Do you know why there is a little pocket on the back? Please tell me, I’m very interested.

I was not in any way sponsored for this review; the product was a second-hand gift. All words and opinions are my own.


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