5 Entertaining and Educational Shows on ABC Kids


One thing you may or may not look forward to when you have a child, is revisiting cartoons. There are still many of the same shows that I used to watch on ABC (now ABC Kids) but of course, a lot of new ones too. Some are just as great as I remember, while others have been remade and just aren’t the same any more…I’m looking at you Bananas in Pyjamas!

It’s funny watching children’s shows as an adult and parent and I find myself wondering if the shows that I watched were just as great and just as weird.

Yes…yes they were.

As a parent, I’m now looking for shows with good morals, that teach as well as entertain; shows that I am happy for my kids to watch. I decided to make a list of five shows on ABC Kids that I am really happy with, and my kids love to watch.

I have decided not to add Play School or Sesame Street into this list because I think it’s general knowledge that these are educational/popular shows, whereas some parents might be unaware of the value of the shows below.


This show is based around a young bunny named Bing and his carer Flop (if you know what type of creature Flop is, please let me know!). The episodes are short, averaging about seven minutes, which is great for small attention spans. It deals with issues that are relevant to young children on a daily basis, such as sharing, anger, handling toys, jealousy etc. With Flop’s help, Bing is able to work through his emotions in an age-appropriate way and the micro-dramas are resolved by the end. I really like the language used by Flop in this show; it’s young child friendly and can be easily mimicked by parents in real life.


This is a nice one that is based around a young tiger and his daily life at home and school. This show utilises imagination scenes, songs and Daniel talking directly to your little viewer. It deals with age-appropriate issues and situations; like when Daniel’s dad has to leave him at school to go to work, or when he wants to make a special cake for his mum to say “i love you”. I have found myself singing a song or two from this show when we have similar situations at home.


Based in a little sea-side town, this show features Fireman Sam coming to the rescue of his friends and townsfolk. There are many different emergencies such as fires (various types), boating mishaps and storms. What I like about it is not only is it entertaining to see Fireman Sam driving various vehicles, but when the emergency is over he discusses safety techniques to avoid the situations again.


It’s a Scouts/Girl Guides/Outdoor kind of club, where a small group of child animals meet up with the leader, Dougee the dog. They participate in various activities, have adventures and earn badges. What I really like about this show is it’s super cute; the characters are all friendly with each other and other animals (even cranky artist mice) and the “badges” always require them to learn something new. I also think it’s adorable that the little crocodile character has an elephant for a parent.


This show is based around Ben the elf and fairy princess Holly and their lives in the Little Kingdom. This one is not as heavy with dealing with real life situations, like the previous shows; it is an enjoyable show though, and I find myself giggling along. Ben and Holly do deal with magical mishaps and it’s normally the elves coming to the rescue with non-magical help. The characters of Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf have a very funny, brother/sister kind of relationship, that is enjoyable to watch.

I know kids watching T.V. is a pretty controversial parent issue. I like to know exactly what my kids are watching and I like that there is a good variety of educational and entertaining shows available.

Are there shows from your childhood that you now watch with your kids?

Which kid shows to do find yourself enjoying?


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