Last Child-Free Birthdays

It is such an odd feeling to know that our birthdays this year will be our last child-free ones. This Christmas will be too, unless bubba decides to come 4 weeks early.

My husband’s birthday is early November, and mine is early December. We also have a large number of other family members and friends with birthdays between October and February, and now we’re adding another one to the mix!

My husband and I had talked a fair bit about what we wanted to do for our birthdays this year. We absolutely love celebrating them, and usually plan big parties or activities. Things like big bbqs, bowling and laser tag, drinks and dancing – things that are easy to do without children incidentally.

We are also lucky enough to have a large friendship circle. While Bec is my only close friend left from high school, husband has a group of core friends who have kept close since early primary school, with others picked up and folded in along the way. We both have close friends from university days, and now that we’ve been in the work force for at least 5 years we have close friends who started out as colleagues too. These friends come with their own partners, and in some cases children too.

Having such a large friendship circle means our events are usually filled with different people. We try to invite everyone so that we all have a chance to catch up, but it can be quite exhausting hosting those events.

We had a big bbq as our baby shower a few weeks before husband’s birthday, and I was honestly surprised how exhausted it made me. I know pregnancy saps your energy, but I was ready to call it a day and go back to bed before people had even started arriving. I really felt like I was a grumpy potato the whole day, running around doing things (we hosted it at our house) – I can now understand why people tell you to have someone else host it!

After that massive day, we’d decided we wouldn’t host another big bbq at our place for a while. A long while. Like maybe husband’s next birthday would be a good time.

So in light of that, deciding what we wanted to do for our birthdays this year was difficult.

We kind of wanted to see people, but we also just wanted to relax and not worry about anything. Mostly I wanted to relax and not worry about anything, but husband was feeling the strain too.

In the end neither of us organised anything for either of our birthdays. We decided to spend them together, being a couple. It’s the first time I haven’t organised anything for my birthday since late high-school I believe, but it was a very nice feeling.

For my husband’s birthday we had his family come visit on the weekend, and saw my family too. He was working night shift on the actual day, so we did presents the night before and had a yummy dinner with a relaxed evening on the day.

For my birthday I had antenatal appointments during the day, so I took the day off school. We spent the day with my family the weekend before, which came with it’s own lovely surprises in the form of our cot and rocking chair. Husband was starting mid-morning, so he cooked me scones for breakfast, then Mum came down and joined me in the appointments. We went out for lunch and did a bit of Christmas shopping, then my sister-in-law came to visit in the afternoon when she finished work. Husband and I went out for a casual dinner that night.

It was really lovely to have such a low-key birthday. I don’t regret not having a large get-together. I guess my only wish is that I could have gone out for some drinks and a lot of dancing, but alas my 7-month pregnant body would not allow that!

Next year it will be a whole new ball game – our first birthdays as parents!


Photo by Aubrey Fernandez on Unsplash

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