Things I Am Looking Forward To Post-Birth


I am now less than two weeks away from our first bubba’s due date. My that time has flown!

Now that there is an end in sight for my pregnancy, I’ve caught myself thinking about some of the little things I’m looking forward to after he is born.

The first is of course finally being able to meet him! To see the new dynamic of our little family and hold my baby in my arms.

But aside from bubba himself, there are a few things I’m looking forward to for myself:

  • Reduced swelling in my hands, feet and face – I can’t wait to be able to wear my rings again, and my normal shoes!
  • Being able to see the lower half of my body – it feels like it’s been years since I’ve been able to see anything past my tummy, unless I move in weird angles
  • Along with the one above, being able to shave my legs without turning into an extremely pregnant contortionist and being in pain the whole process
  • Rolling over in bed – without the whale-breaching-the-surface thump, or taking more than a second to move through the process
  • Lying on my back or my stomach, instead of my sides, to ease my poor hips, lower back and legs
  • Bending over, and being able to sit forward, without my bump squishing into my legs
  • Wearing shorts again will be lovely – I’ve currently outgrown even my maternity shorts, so I am keeping to dresses when seeing other people, or PJ shorts when I’m home alone
  • Standing up and sitting down without bracing myself will feel like a novelty after so long shifting myself into position first
  • Squatting down to pick things up or see to something on the floor without my legs turning to pins and needles or numb after a few seconds
  • Walking past things without manoeuvring my bump around them
  • Eating all those things you’r supposed to stay away from while pregnant (hello McDonald’s soft serve on the way home from hospital!)
  • Cuddling my husband without bending around the bump
  • Picking up yoga again (I’m not allowed to because of my current back issues) or indeed any other physical activity


I’m sure there will be loads of other little things I’m not even thinking of at the moment!


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