Apps That Have Saved My Sanity


As a new mum who loves her technology, it’s no surprise that I use my phone a whole lot more than I probably should. Those long hours spent breastfeeding can get a little boring, I admit, especially during the night when I can’t really watch tv or read a book to entertain myself.


Let’s be honest, there’s only so long you can spend staring at and admiring your baby while he feeds. Sooner or later you need something else to entertain you.

My go-to entertainment app during these times is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I love me a good time-waster game (hello Peggle and Candy Crush!), and I also love Animal Crossing games, so this is a perfect combination for me! I’ve made it a mission to craft every object in the game, and to max out the level of every animal. I’ve succeeded in the crafting aspect, and am slowly working up those animal levels!

Of course I also frequent Facebook and Instagram during these times. Facebook lets me feel and keep connected with other people, even if the mummy groups can get a bit too much to handle sometimes. Instagram is great for mindless scrolling and seeing what celebrities are up to.

Facebook Messenger is also one I use a heap. I don’t call people (unless they or I am in the car), so messenger lets us all chat and keep in contact easily.

I love One Second Everyday. This is one I discovered through a friend, and have been doing for a while now. The idea is you take a one second video (usually one second out of a longer video) every day, and at the end of a month or a year, the app links them all together into one video. I did one of my year last year, and it was so fun to watch and remember all the things I did. This year I’m taking one second of my son every day, and I can’t wait to see how he’s grown and changed by his first birthday!

Parent Apps

In terms of parental apps, there are three that I love.

The first one is Wonder Weeks, recommended to me by family members. It explains the mental leaps your baby is going through, with information about signs they’re about to ‘leap’, what skills they can now develop, how this leap might affect you as the parent, and how to help your baby work through the tough time of the leap and the exploration of the skills afterwards. It is personalised to your baby, asking you to put in their due date so that it can align the leaps with your own baby. I liked this app so much I went and bought the book, which had more detailed information and checklists for each leap. If you’re interested in the mental development of your baby, give it a go!

To track how my baby was going during the first couple of months, I swear by the Breastfeeding app by Whisper Arts. This one allows you to track feeds (whether breastfed or formula fed), nappy numbers and contents, sleep times, even pumping sessions and baby measurements. This app saved my sanity so many times during those first months, simply because it kept track of everything so easily. All you have to do is open it, press start on the thing you’re starting, then press stop again when you stop. Super easy! It also allows you to make graphs and track progress over time if you’re interested.

Another one which I really like, but have only used twice, is Feed Safe by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. This one asks for your height and weight, then when you have an alcoholic beverage you can enter it into the app and it will track how long you need to wait before you can safely breastfeed again. Of course it’s not 100% accurate, as it truly depends on things like how much you’ve eaten lately, what you’ve eaten, the type of drink etc; but it is nice to have a rough estimate of how long it will be before the alcohol has left your breastmilk.

What are your favourite apps?


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