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I don’t really remember how I came across eShakti originally, I think it may have been a Facebook ad. I do, however, remember jumping on their website and becoming very excited by their range. They have a lot of the styles of dresses that I like, and looking at their features just made me more excited.
Think about this – every one of their dresses include pockets (!!!), and have bra strap keeps to hold your bra straps in place.  If the fabric is a bit thin are fully lined (no more worrying about being see-through!). Those features alone would have sold me, but their ever-changing range of designs, fabrics, and patterns is a strong lure to keep updating my wardrobe, especially when a lot of them are cotton (which is perfect for our weather here in Queensland).
Besides their amazing features, you can also customise the clothes to suit you. You can enter in your measurements and they’ll custom make any piece to fit you perfectly, and every piece has parts you can customise even further. Things like length, sleeve type, neckline, even removing the pockets if you were some sort of demon.
I had bought a few dresses from them before I became pregnant, and wore those dresses every week as part of my work clothes for a good year or so (school appropriate for the win!). I was so happy when I realised I could wear one of the stretchier ones throughout my entire pregnancy (see the spotty dress in the pics below) – the design and fabric allowed it to sit over my ever-growing stomach without stretching out of shape or becoming restrictive or uncomfortable. I would constantly get compliments on them at work, particularly the spotty one, from staff and students alike. Even wearing and washing them so often, I feel like the quality of the dresses hasn’t degraded at all, they haven’t stretched out of shape, and the colours haven’t faded.
One of my favourite work dresses, especially during early pregnancy.
Back pain
You might recognise this picture from my pelvic girdle pain post – this dress hid my support band so well you couldn’t tell I had it on!

This is my all-time favourite, most-worn dress, before and during pregnancy. This picture is early on in my pregnancy – this is actually at Bec‘s second bubba’s first birthday party!

This picture is from my own Instagram account, showing off my 38 week pregnant belly!
edit IMG_5422.JPG
Here we all are posing for the old cover photo of the Facebook page. My bubba is still tiny and in my belly!
edit IMG_5446.JPG
This dress features on our old Facebook page cover photo.
After bub was born, I went on the hunt for dresses that I could wear now. The vast majority of my wardrobe isn’t breastfeeding-friendly, and my measurements are quite different to how I was pre-pregnancy which means I can no longer just buy clothes knowing they’ll fit. I also don’t really have time to go trying on tonnes of clothes at the shops with a newborn.
Most of what I have found seem very frumpy and unflattering, and look as though they won’t fit nicely. I really don’t understand why it is so hard to find flattering, pretty, youthful maternity and breastfeeding clothes!
Then I remembered eShakti, and jumped online to have a look. I was delighted to discover their range of shirtdresses – perfect for breastfeeding with their buttons down the bust (and some down the entire front of the dress). I was even happier to remember that you can enter your measurements, and they will tailor the dress for you personally. Perfect since I am no longer a standard size. I technically sit between sizes now – I need a size up from what I was before in order to fit my new-mum-boobs, but the size down to fit the rest of my torso. Knowing I could have the dresses made to actually fit my body was such a strong incentive.
I gave it a go, and couldn’t be happier! The dresses really are such good quality. I bought two cotton dresses, and they are such thick, lovely cotton – much better quality than the so-thin-you-need-to-wear-something-underneath cotton clothing I’m used to buying in stores here. They include all the features that drew me in originally, and guess what, the pockets are actually of a size deep enough to hold my phone without fear of it falling out while I walk around. That alone is a necessity when I’m no longer carrying around a convenient handbag. Deep pockets are a rare occurrence among women’s clothing – usually pockets are either non-existent, or they are so small you can barely fit your hand in past your fingers, let alone a phone.
The dress pictured here is my absolute favourite dress to wear now – it’s so pretty and is super easy to breastfeed in while feeling discreet and comfortable. The buttons are easy enough to undo one-handed with a little practice, but I’m confident the will never unbutton themselves. Even though it only unbuttons down to my ribs, each side of the top folds away enough to allow for bub to feed comfortably without worrying about stretching or ruining the fabric, or bub having a face-full of it to deal with while trying to feed.
My new favourite dress! Just look at those pockets – I don’t even have my hand in all the way! Such room for activities!
It allows such easy breasfeeding sessions, bubba is often left in a milk coma.
This is our new Facebook page cover photo – now featuring my new fav dress and my new fav human – my bubba!


The second shirtdress (pictured below) has buttons all the way down the front, and it is just as comfortable to wear and easy to feed in. It also has the added benefit of extra hidden buttons in between the normal buttons down the bust, so you don’t have to worry about gaping! It’s the only one out of the four dresses that needs ironing, and because it sits at mid-calf length that means there is a fair bit of fabric to iron. In saying that, I absolutely love the fabric pattern and the comfort and ease of the dress, so it’s still a winner in my eyes. I have gotten compliments from every person who’s seen me in this dress so far – it might overtake the spotted dress as the most complimented in time!
Here I am actually breastfeeding bub – it’s so discrete you might just think his positioning is simply pulling the dress to the side slightly, especially when viewed from any other angle.
Just for fun, here I am hand-feeding a bird. See how prettily the dress falls!
Down the right you can see the normal buttons, and down the left between the button holes you can see the clear hidden buttons. These ones button inwards, so they are completely hidden, but stop any potential gaping.
If you look closely at the seams you can see the little bra strap keepers (one open and one closed) – they have tiny press studs attached to a slip of fabric, so you loop it around your bra strap and they can’t go wandering!
I am so happy with these two dresses that I’m going to buy more. They are very easy to wear, I feel pretty in them (a rare achievement when you have very little time to dress nicely as a new mum!), and I can breastfeed comfortably and discreetly.
I am keen to try out their true-wrap style and zip-front dresses next, to see if they are as comfortable and easy to feed in. I will certainly be a constantly returning customer to this fantastic online dress store. How could I not when I’ve found such good quality, good looking dresses that have carried me through my pregnancy, and now into this next exciting stage of my life? I can breastfeed in and then continue to wear these dresses happily once bub has stopped feeding, knowing they are of such fantastic quality and are so comfortable.
I strongly encourage all you Actual Mums out there to give eShakti a go. If you’re breastfeeding like me, go for their dresses that have buttons or zippers down the front (most of them are found in the Shirtdress category), or the true-wrap style dresses. I know ordering off the internet can be a very mixed experience, but I’ve have nothing but fantastic service from this one! The regular sizings are great, but if you can afford the little extra to have them customised to your size, it’s even better.
If you like the looks of eShakti and would like to try them out, get in contact and I can give you a discount code to get a decent discount on your first order! (I can’t post it freely here because WordPress shuts down sites they are hosting when there is an affiliate link as it’s part of their terms and conditions for the plan I’m on – this isn’t technically an affiliate link because I don’t make any money off it, but I’m just being on the safe side!)

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  1. Aly says:

    Thank you for your review!! I too am nursing and dresses are so hard to find! I would love the code you mentioned at the end so I can snag one of these beauties!

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  2. Emily says:

    Glad to help out! I love these dresses so much. Use the code EMILYASLIN at checkout to get the discount 😁


  3. I love the dresses you are on . You are beautiful
    Check out my site”-)


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