What Does A Mum Do All Day?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I actually do all day.

It’s never meant in a nasty way, it’s just pure curiosity from people who have never had children, and who are working full time.

So I thought I’d track my movements for a day and share it here.

It’s important to note that my bub is 3.5 months old. I breastfeed on demand, and don’t have a routine as such. The day before writing this article we introduced solids, as per our doctors recommendation – bub feeds very regularly, particularly at night, and won’t drink from a bottle so we can’t top him up with extra milk or formula.

My days look completely different depending on what shift my husband works – he is a radiochemist, which means he manufactures radioactive pharmaceuticals, so his shifts vary.

My days also look different if I’m out and about, or if I have visitors. This article outlines a day where my husband starts work at 4am and therefore comes home early.

If there is interest, I could also outline a day where hubby comes home at more typical hour, a weekend day, a day where I have visitors, and a day where we go out – just let me know in the comments if you’d like to see them!

I’ll start the day with the time I went to bed the previous night. I think it’s important to track that, as the amount of sleep I get changes how the day goes.


8:50pm – I go to bed

11-11:15pm – breastfeeding, scrolling social media

1:40-2am – breastfeeding, playing Animal Crossing

4:50-5-20 – breastfeeding, social media

7:15 – bub awake but lying quietly in cot, I get dressed

7:30 – change nappy, have a little chat and play

7:40 – give reflux medicine, bub plays on his own on the play mat while I make a cup to tea, popping in and out to check on him (he has recently started rolling very competently, so constant supervision is a must)

7:55 – change nappy again because he’s pooped, chat on change table

8-8:10 – breastfeed, play Animal Crossing

8:10-8:40 – bub plays on mat, I drink tea and play with bub and check emails and blogs; when bub gets bored, we go around and open up the house and get him dressed for the day, also another nappy change

8:40-8:50 – take rubbish out and spend time letting bub look around outside

8:50-9:15 – breastfeed, update blog, chat online

9:15-9:30 – bub sleeps in cot, I eat breakfast while reading news

9:30-9:45 – bub rests in cot or on our bed alternately as I change the sheets on both and put the old ones in the wash

9:45-10:30 – bub plays on mat; I alternate between playing with him, playing Animal Crossing, and doing some tidying around the house.

10:30-10:40 – breastfeed, respond to emails

10:40-11:05 – another nappy change and a play on the change mat; then I put bub in his bouncer outside in the shade while I hang the washing; since he is calm I soak up some vitamin D until bub gets tired of being in the bouncer

11:05-11:25 – bub fussy feeds, I put on show on Netflix

11:25am-12pm – I make lunch and eat while watching show, then work on a blog post while the show is on

12-12:15 – bub plays in his cot while I put away washing from yesterday and put today’s dishes in the dishwasher and put it on

12:15-12:30 – play together until he gets cranky

12:30-1 – breastfeed, put show back on, pause to go change nappy after he gets very fussy and poops, then feed again; after a few minutes he gets very fussy again, so I sit him in his bouncer

1-1:30 – play time in bouncer and on mat, also walking around the house to look at things and chat about them

1:30-2 – husband comes home and we spend time as a family chatting and playing; then bub breastfeeds while I watch my show

2-2:30 – bub sleeps in cot, I take a short nap on the lounge and chat with husband

2:30-3:20 – go for a walk down the street to get some ice cream

3:20-3:40 – we update the Wonder Weeks book with his current skills, then dad changes his nappy while I read the book

3:40-4-10 – breastfeed while chatting with husband, then husband changes nappy and plays with bub while I prepare bub some of his new cereal and clean the kitchen

4:10-4:25 – feeding cereal (he seems to love it after only two days!)

4:30-5:10 – bub sleeps in cot while husband and I do some gardening

5:10-5:50 – bub wakes and we all have a little play together; then I breastfeed, change his nappy, then play with him while husband prepares dinner

5:50-6:50 – we eat dinner slowly while watching a show (stopping and starting constantly) and entertaining bub

6:50-7:20 – breastfeed bub while reading blog posts

7:20-7:50 – bub falls asleep while feeding, so hubby puts him to bed while I get ready to shower; bub wakes up as I’m about to get in, so hubby spends the next 20 mins settling him back to sleep

7:50-8:50 – bub doesn’t stay asleep, so I get him up and have a bit of a play; then I change his nappy and put him in his pyjamas, before giving him another breastfeed; this is long feed, and I scroll social media and watch hubby play Battlefield after putting fresh sheets on the bed; eventually bub falls asleep again and I put him to bed

8:50-9:30 – I put away the sheets that were washed earlier, and tidy the house for the night; then hubby and I play a game on the Switch

9:30 – we get ready for bed and hit the hay!


What a full day that was, looking back on it. Of course every day is different, so let me know if you’d like to see another one!


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