No Need To Apologise

As I’m sure you’re all aware, it has been quite some time since Bec and I have written for this site!

I was going to write an apology post, explaining our absences. But then I was talking to a friend recently at my husband’s 30th birthday party. She commented how she wished I was writing more – she wants to become a mum herself, and wants to know as much as possible to prepare herself for the future. She said he really enjoyed reading our blog, and hope I get back into it soon.

My immediate reaction was to apologise and explain away our lack of content – we’re tired, Bec is studying full time, my boy has had a hard time with illnesses and sleeping issues. Before I got too far though, she stopped me and said something that rang so true it made me smile.

“But being too tired to write is being an ‘actual mum’!”

Wow. What true wisdom from an unexpected source – it shined a light perfectly on our situation, and actually encouraged me to write again. That might seem a bit backward, but having someone else recognise that simple fact actually took a lot of pressure off. Pressure that I didn’t even know was there.

The whole point of this blog is to share the human, real, true, actual side of being a mum. And now I see that includes all the time we simply don’t have to write!

I realise now that there is absolutely no reason to apologise for living our lives and simply being too busy and too tired to write.

Both Bec and I are working on new content now, so you can expect more from us in the near future.


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