Returning to Work

People keep asking me if I’m excited/happy/sad/nervous to return to work. My answer varies day by day, and I can honestly say I am all of those things and more.

I’m excited to get back to a bit of my old identity as teacher-lady. I will get to use my intelligence, skills, and experience again, stretching my brain (along with my patience I am sure). I have talked a bit before about my identity crisis – you can read about it here. I know returning to work will change everything all over again, and I am a bit nervous and excited to see how it goes.

I’m happy to be getting a full income, as it means better supporting my little family and our dream to buy our own house, and travel a little during the school holidays. I’m not comfortable being on government support, even though it’s meant I could take a full year off to learn to be a mum. I’d much rather be earning my own income, and doing it through something I love is a bonus.

I’m also happy at the prospect of a bit of independence during the day. As bub will be in day care it means I know he is safe and happy, extending his own brain and building his newly developing skills. I will be able to focus a bit more on myself, which will no doubt help me to be a better mum to him and wife to my husband.

It goes without saying that I’m going to miss him like crazy. I am very sad to be putting my boy into daycare. I always wanted to be a stay at home mum, that’s all I ever wanted to be growing up, but it is too unrealistic. We want to be financially secure, own our own home, and most importantly be good role models for our children and show them the successes that working can give you. But in contrast it means missing out on my bubs days, spending all that time with him watching him grow and discover the world. I will have to ensure I use all my mindfulness training and be truly in the moment every chance I get to be with him, and not take that time for granted.

I am nervous about the transition for us all when I return to work. Going to a new school means a LOT of adjustment for me. This whole change will put a lot of strain on our family as we work out routines and fitting everything into each day. I am hoping bub will adjust to daycare quickly and happily, as that will relieve a lot of pressure all round. Thankfully his daycare provides food, so that’s one less thing for us to worry about. But I think we’re going to have to practice the morning routine for a week or so before I start work, just to iron out any kinks.

Whoah I’m getting really nervous just writing all this! So many big changes to come! Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom for me? How did your own transition go? Please do share in the comments below!


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