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About the Authors


Bec is a stay at home mum with a four year old boy and a one year old girl. She is hoping to enroll in a Bachelor of Nursing next year, while her husband works on his cleaning business. For Bec, her family is her priority and she is hoping she can raise two “down to earth” children, who will look out for each other and not be afraid to stand up for others too. That is if they can all survive!


Emily is currently pregnant with her first child. She is a secondary science and math teacher, and has been teaching full time for the past four years. She is planning to take 12 months of maternity leave and then return to teaching, an adventure that is sure to add layers of complexity to raising her new family! Her husband works as a scientist, and they have two feather babies – Quaker Parrots called River and Seamus. She is the founder of www.actualteaching.com; a place for sharing the world of teaching.



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