Donating Breast Milk

I’ve been interested in donating breast milk ever since I found out it is a thing that you can do. Yesterday I found out that I can do it right here in Brisbane! A post came up in one of the Facebook mums groups that I am a part of, saying that the milk bank…

The First Month After Birth – Sleep

Any parent will agree that sleep is a precious commodity, and sleep with a newborn is a downright luxury.

Things I Am Looking Forward To Post-Birth

I am now less than two weeks away from our first bubba’s due date. My that time has flown! Now that there is an end in sight for my pregnancy, I’ve caught myself thinking about some of the little things I’m looking forward to after he is born. The first is of course finally being…

Baby Movements

What an extremely unique experience it is to feel and see your bubba moving inside you!