The Raw Guilt of Working Parents

I am returning to work in a little over a month, after having a year of maternity leave. The guilt is very real, very upsetting, and very much being pushed aside.

When Breast Milk Isn’t Enough

Those who have kept up with my story on here and over on Facebook will know my beautiful little bub has always been a terrible sleeper. He would cat-nap during the day, and from about 3 months old he would wake every 30-90 minutes throughout the night for a feed. I also discovered at his…

8 Things About C-Sections

I forgot a lot of stuff about c-sections…this is some things I’ve remembered after having my second.

Maternity Leave with Ed QLD

I am currently teaching on contract with Education Queensland, not permanent, which makes maternity leave a stressful situation. Here is what you can do to make sure you can access the paid maternity leave through Ed QLD, even if you’re not permanent.